We’re dreamers, thinkers, and disciplined craftsmen

Straight Talk

Frankness is underrated. Say what you mean, clearly, directly, and respectfully


We are a meritocracy. Always be fair and equitable in everything you do.


We are honest with ourselves, even if it means saying ‘no’ to something very lucrative.


It is important to have a strong sense of right and wrong. Always stay true to your conscience.


Quality is what we are known for, and it will always be our yardstick.


Red tape can be cumbersome. We trust you to play your part, and play it well.


We respect excellence, and mastery is our aim. Always sweat the small details and be intentional in your work.

Learn and Adapt

We get paid to solve problems. Remain curious, and stay humble enough to learn from anyone.

No oversized egos

Life is too short to tolerate jerks, period.


Treat everyone as you would like to be treated.

1. Send us your application

Upload your CV through the form provided. We’re an equal opportunity employer and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for everyone.

2. We shortlist applications

If shortlisted, we will contact you to schedule an aptitude test. If you’re not shortlisted, we will still keep your application and match it with future openings.

3. Let’s talk

Excel at the aptitude test and we will schedule two rounds of interviews.

4. Join us

You will receive an offer of employment. Accept it, and you officially become a Calceyite.

Upeksha Sandamini

“Before joining Calcey, I had a few job offers on hand. But Calcey recognised me for my skills and offered me a more senior role than what I had originally applied for. It’s very refreshing to see such transparency and integrity in an employer”

Upeksha Sandamini
Associate QA Lead
In addition to what is mandated by local laws, we provide the following perks too:
Paternity leave
Health insurance
Telemedicine subscription
USD pegged salaries
Remote work options
Special banking privileges
Training reimbursement
Dorms for overnight stays
Subsidized loans to purchase renewable energy solutions