We’re a wonderfully diverse team. When we come together, magic happens

unique perspectives
No-nonsense, passionate, and fun-loving—that’s who we are

Led by these faces

Mangala Karunaratne
Founder & CEO
Pete Deemer
Sanjay Popat
Managing Partner
Dhanushka Jayatilake
Chief Technology Officer
Ishara Walpola
Director – People and Culture
Asela Mahatma Arachchi
Vice President – Product Engineering
Manjula Tilakarathne
Director – Project Management
Amal Mudunkotuwa
Head of Finance & Admin
Mudith Uswatta
Vice President – Business Development
Premuditha Perera
Director – Software Engineering

Our spaces reflect who we are


We love being part of our local community

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The world around us is built on the efforts of those who came before us. As a socially-responsible organization, we believe that we have a duty to give back to society. Satkāra is our flagship community service initiative through which we consciously reinvest in the community around us.

Learn about what we do, and our approach to building awesome custom software which makes a positive difference through long-lasting partnerships

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