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#WhatsUpCalcey – Our new recruitment experience for experienced developers

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Look, we are hiring. And we’ve got lots of openings.

But we know that switching employers is not easy. There is a lot you may not know about a new company. Who will I work with? What is life like at this company?, and so on. These are all valid questions and you have every right to know the answers to them. 

The traditional interview process can make it harder to coax the information you need out of an interviewer. That is why we decided to switch things up a little.

#WhatsUpCalcey is a brand new recruitment initiative from us that is aimed at giving experienced developers the chance to understand the Calcey Way by talking to our own senior managers whom you will work with side by side on a daily basis. Moreover, you will be able to do so at your own convenience!

Here’s how #WhatsUpCalcey works:

  1. Visit
  2. Answer the two questions on the page
  3. If your profile fits our immediate requirements, you will be able to schedule a call with one of our senior managers immediately. On this call, you will be able to talk to them and ask any relevant question, no strings attached. It’s an exploratory chat after all.
  4. If you come away impressed with Calcey, our no B.S approach to work, and our remote-first operating model, you can let us know if you’d like to join us. We will then fast track your interview and take care of the rest.

What’re you waiting for? Go check out #WhatsUpCalcey now!