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Tech Talks at Calcey helps bolster competitive advantage within the organisation

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If you have the knowledge, let others light their candles in it.” – Margaret Fuller
Calcey has an organizational culture that strongly enshrines a free sharing of knowledge, as we believe it’s an important way to sustain the competitive advantage of our team. In the software development industry, the knowledge horizon keeps expanding and old know-how is replaced by new concepts and innovations each day. In such a rapidly changing environment it is hard for an individual to learn and stay abreast of all the new ideas, best practices and techniques. Therefore it is essential that we turn to new sources of knowledge and be engaged with our peers to gain and share knowledge.

As a way of facilitating greater sharing, a Tech Talk takes place in Calcey’s lobby area every first Wednesday evening of the month. This session is crowded with enthusiastic colleagues and invites from neighboring IT companies at TRACE Expert City. A domain specialist takes up a pertinent topic and conducts an hour-long session to share his learning. A “talk” usually consists of a theory session, a practical exercise, a Q&A session and a round of refreshments. Our domain specialists seem ever ready to impart their knowledge harnessed through experience and research, to all enthusiastic newbies and curious geeks who seek to expand their technical know-how and jargon.

I thought of sharing one such Tech Talk held by Sachindra Ariyasinghe, that was targeting Android newbies. It was the first session in a series of Tech Talks that would dig deep into the Android Eco-system. His session was successful in imparting foundation-level knowledge of Android development infrastructure and getting the audience ready for the upcoming advanced Android training sessions. The resources of his session can be accessed via the below links. Hope you enjoy!