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Social Media spells benefits for our company and its employees


With every company conducting its own social media campaigns, it’s becoming increasingly clear that if a company does not utilize social media, they’re put at an extreme competitive disadvantage. Social media has many advantages as it offers the immediacy and interactivity consumers want and anticipate. It can help to intensify customer engagement, bring in quality sales leads and produce higher ROI.

Everyone working at Calcey is a direct representative of the company to the general public. Furthermore, social media has given everyone a voice. Therefore we decided to have a workshop on the responsible use of social media, with the objective of enhancing their personal online branding and the company’s online brand.

Thought Leadership, Engagement, No Cost Sales Leads, Website Traffic and Networking are some of the main benefits we can gain from social media. Social media does more than just help you find customers. It also helps you connect with other businesses and entrepreneurs and learn about their problems and practices.

Social Media Trainer, Amitha Amarasinghe did the workshop at Calcey, which comprised three parts. The first session was about How Social Media Changes Everything Around Us, the second session was about Inbound Marketing Through Social Media for the Software Industry. The final session was about the Safe and Responsible Use of Social Media.

Going forward, it’s critical for your business to integrate social media into your overall customer service experience. When your business is focused on creating a positive brand experience, it can lead to insights that have an impact on all of your customers. And most importantly, it builds trust. Your customers will see that you have their best interest in mind, and that adds value to your business.

We would like to ask the reader, what are the ways that social media has impacted your business? Do you think it has had a positive or negative effect? Please comment.