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“(sh)it happens” – A journey of learning, from slip-ups to success

Calcey shit happens

Ever made a work blunder and wished for a do-over? Join the club – you’re not alone. We’ve all been there, learnt our lessons, maybe even scored a T-shirt along the way. That’s why our company introduced a tradition we affectionately call “(sh)it happens!” Inspired by the regular  Mortality and Morbidity meetings practiced in healthcare settings, our tradition mirrors how surgeons extract lessons from clinical outcomes, review team performance, and drive  improvements in service delivery.

“(sh)it happens” is our way of breaking free from the fear of failure that tends to hold us back in the Asian work culture. Each edition starts with two individuals stepping into the spotlight, sharing their memorable slip-ups. Far from a blame game, the focus is on embracing vulnerability, and sharing wisdom from our mistakes. It’s about creating a safe space to discuss what went wrong and how we can improve – a departure from the typical cover-your-back mentality.

Highlights from our (sh)it happens editions

The success of each edition lies in the active engagement and participation of all employees. That is why we’ve introduced a delightful twist – a post-(sh)it happens karaoke session, complete with eats and drinks. The laid-back setting provides everyone with the chance to unwind, connect, and foster one-on-one relationships. This is key to helping people become more open and transparent – essential for making our hybrid work model effective.

Karaoke sessions at (sh)it happens

So why do we organize these gatherings? Well, beyond the obvious fun factor, it’s part of our effort to bring a touch of Silicon Valley spirit into our culture. In the Valley, failure is not feared; it’s seen as a stepping stone to success. “(sh)it happens” aims to instill this tolerance for failure, promoting a culture where we openly discuss mistakes and encourage employees to learn from each other to avoid repeating mistakes we’ve made in one project elsewhere.

Let’s be real – we learn little from success. Failure is a much better teacher. The true essence lies in learning from our mistakes and moving forward collectively. So, here’s to the unglamorous blunders, the lessons learnt the hard way, and the shared laughter in our work lives. Cheers to “(sh)it happens” – where learning from failure isn’t just accepted; it’s actively encouraged.