Pre Seed Startups Looking For Love

IT companies in Sri Lanka

Ever heard of data furnace technology? This, plus three other startups, are pitching for love and support in London.

It’s a full house downstairs at London’s Farrington tech hotspot, TBWC.

Judging by the show of hands, there’s the ubiquitous pockets of software developers, looking for sight of something juicy to get involved in.

In the main, however, it’s pack of budding entrepreneurs who are not quite ready to pitch themselves into the scene yet, but are keen to weigh up the competition and how these New Ideas nights unfold.

Good news for the later: Richard Cristian at the Founder Institute, the World’s Premier Pre Seed Startup Accelerator is here to announce the launch of a new program in London. Originating in Silicon Valley, this mentorship program has operated across 175 cities worldwide in 60 countries. That said, the training is seriously tough: only 35% of students graduate, meaning you have got to be on it.

These four pitchers tonight might not need an accelerator program, but they do need a little bit of love…


“Hello everyone, I’m here to enthrall you all with the interesting world of heating systems!” might sound like the most tongue-in-cheek of opening gambits, but Adam Pulley’s technological innovation really is exciting!

GREEN PROCESSING are the worldwide inventors of data furnace technology.

That means, they are harnessing the excess heat released by the data centers that power the worlds’ computers — currently 3% of the world’s electricity — into green energy. Their final product is a micro data center for your home or business that provides green heating.

Despite developing the original patent almost 10 years ago, they have been wrestling with hardware and software that requires initial large scale investment to even develop a MVP.

In that time, however, they sketched out a road-map, produced a shiny new website and developed a watertight white paper.

“Now,” says Founder and CTO, Pulley, “we are credible enough to be attractive to large investors and turn this into a $44 billion industry”.


Cloud Flow

Despite the cloud being arguably one of the most critical developments in the recent history of computing, everyone experiences cloud-rage of some sort.

Standard SaaS (software as a service) packages from the main players (AMW, Azure and Google) might take care of some idle holiday snaps, but can any business worth its salt trust it’s entire operational infrastructure into a public cloud offering?

Maltese, infrastructure engineer, Dhiraj Narwani, is at the prototype stage of his bespoke cloud solution and makes a convincing argument for Cloud Flow.


The World’s Leading Software Development Tool, or GITHUB as it’s more commonly known, is under attack here despite pitcher Matthew Salamonn being a huge fan:

“GITHUB is amazing and I use it all the time!”

The problem, he continues, is that 99.9% of people [that’s everyone in the world without a degree in computer science] can’t use ‘command line’.

Stansa’s value proposition, on the other hand, is that they can bring the non-tech people of an organisation into the software build.

They are still early stage: they have around 1,000 beta users and are looking for more people to sign up.

Go help ’em here.

Gold Model

Ask CEO and founder, Ron Lev, what is the Gold Model and he would say:

“It’s an innovative task productivity tool which helps to achieve your short and long terms goals in the quickest possible time.”

So is it a piece of tech?

No it’s a method: a philosophy.


You shouldn’t be.

Lev’s presentation is packed with testimonials from a impressive host of Startups founders, scale-ups leaders and individuals freelancers expounding on the outstanding power of the model.

Looking For Love

Pre-seed startups are on the rise as the gap widens between what founders are seeking and what the market is offering. However, it is not only about money.

Entrepreneurs should demand support in a market increasingly open to cannibalization. Startups require product validation in the shape of genuine beta testers and tech support from engineers who know how to turn baseline products into applications that people actually need.

Reach out to them if you can help…