Kurately, making sense out of your twitter mess

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For those of us who are Twitter fanatics, it can get hard sometimes to wade through the vast tangle of tweets and Web links that splash on our Timeline, and pick out snippets of information that match our current personal interests. Zeroing in on interesting tidbits is especially difficult when we are on the move. Kurately is an iPad Twitter client designed to address just this problem –  staying attuned to interesting content and filtering out the noise on Twitter.

Simply, Kurately allows you to shortlist your Timeline for specific Tweeps of your choice, and swipe through any Web links and images tweeted by these folks in a convenient, magazine-style view.

There are just four views in the app. The default view after signing in is the News Feed. This is where we see the Tweets of the Tweeps we have shortlisted as interesting to us.

Then there is a Web View for viewing the Web pages referenced in these Tweets, which is displayed when we tap any particular Web link in a Tweet.

We also have a Magazine View for easy browsing of all the Web pages referenced in the News Feed, magazine style, where one can swipe back and forth through the Web content.

Finally, there is the Manage Tweeps View, where we can actually shortlist the Tweeps.

Kurately is the perfect Twitter client to keep tabs on your favorite news channels or simply to keep in closer touch with select friends.

Kurately was launched on the App Store this week (Jun-16).

If you haven’t already done it, download Kurately to your iPad right now!

Download Kurately!