DealsNow – The Power of Proximity Marketing

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Calcey launched DealsNow on Friday the 14th of August 2015, in partnership with Mobitel. What’s the big deal you ask? Well, it’s a really big deal and here’s why. DealsNow is a one-stop shop on your smartphone for all consumer deals. It brings several exciting technologies together, like Geo-fencing and iBeacons, to deliver a compelling customer experience.

DealsNow provides targeted, location-specific, customized notifications via mobile phones. This revolutionary app is a smartphone-optimized rewards app that delivers proximity marketing. Customers can get discounts and promotions simply by entering a store.

DealsNow marks the change of power from the retailer to the customer. Customers are able to skim through the deals with the scroll of a finger and find the deals that best suits their need and their budget. This saves a considerable amount of shopping time, and in a world where time is a precious commodity,  DealsNow will ensure that convenience is paramount for the consumer. The future of retail lies here, and the quicker retailers buy into this inevitable future, the better their footfall and sales will be.

Retailers can use DealsNow to send notifications on promotional items, to potential customers who are in the vicinity of their stores. The App will identify a User by checking the location of their mobile phones. The User who downloads DealsNow to their mobile phone will receive targeted notifications when they enter an area that is close to a physical store. This is called a Geo-fenced area. These notifications will contain a specific Promotion or Discount that is currently available at the store. Once the customer enters the store they will receive a Welcome Notice and further notifications on where the promotional items are located within the store. These in-store notifications are sent using iBeacon Technology.

Retailers will get existing customers visiting the stores more and the incremental foot traffic will increase sales. DealsNow also provides an opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell products when the customer is at the store by using iBeacons to further notify of more promotions. DealsNow combines iBeacons and Geo-fencing to target and entice customers to walk into your store.

The team at Calcey has worked tirelessly leading up to the launch of this groundbreaking product, to leave no stone unturned. The focus on the quality of content through a seamless User Experience has been the technical team’s main focus. For us at Calcey this is just the beginning of bigger and better things for the local market. DealsNow is also a landmark project for us at Calcey. It marks our expansion into the Sri Lankan market. Watch this space for future updates.