Life at Calcey

Calcey team has an evening of fun, "Paduru Party" style


Friday Dec-06th ushered in a fun event at Calcey, with the entire staff participating in an evening of song and dance. The theme of the event was that of the locally popular “Paduru Party” –  a musical get-together where folks sit on mats and sing together in harmony.

A hired 3-person band provided the background music, while Calcey employees took turns as lead vocalists. Old Sinhala classical favourites such as W. D. Amaradeva’s Aradhana, Milton Perera’s Thawa Supun Sandak and Annesley Malawana’s Mango Kalu Nande were big hits at the event.

Plenty of eats and drinks were on offer to fuel the enthusiasm of the budding artists, and the folks loosened up as the evening progressed. This was a memorable event for all at Calcey.