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Calcey helps ease the pain in kids who have cancer


Calcey Technologies has made a commitment to help Kids with Cancer in the Maharagama Cancer Hospital, where any employee of Calcey can volunteer and contribute to this valuable cause along with the company.

Cancer is a deadly disease, which can inflict great pain to its victims if it reaches the terminal stage. When little kids get cancer the resulting human suffering is immense because both the child as well as its loved ones undergo psychological and physical trauma. Early diagnosis and treatment is the only way to alleviate this suffering in children with cancer.

Sadly, the very treatment procedures themselves are painful and hard for a little kid to endure. Chemo treatment requires the little ones to endure regular hypodermic injections over long periods of time. Getting a sharp needle stuck into one’s veins daily is not fun for a child. Often the veins are not visibly on the surface of the skin, and doctors have to make several attempts to successfully inject the medicine.
There is a neat solution to ease the pain caused by a regime of injections, called a “Port” 1. This Port will last for a year and a half, or until the end of the treatment regime, and thereby help the kids go through it with less pain. However, most of the parents of child cancer victims cannot afford this solution.

The employees of Calcey Technologies, along with its Directors have made a commitment to help minimize the suffering of children during their chemo experience, by donating two Ports per month. Their monthly contributions support buying Ports for kids in the Maharagama Cancer Kids ward, through the “Cancer Care Association”  –  a Not For Profit organization that is committed to Cancer Care. The Cancer Care Association has already taken the initiative to negotiate with an Austrian supplier to provide Ports for a specially discounted price (the Original price being $500, the discounted price is $200 or approximately LKR 23000).

Each Calcey employee has given their explicit consent to deduct a certain amount of money from their monthly salary, and the Company tops up the balance to meet the cost of two ports, and honour its commitment for Cancer Kids. Even though the contribution that a single employee makes is relatively small, the Calcey commitment helps minimize the suffering in children, which is truly commendable.

1. The Port:
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