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Calcey helps Compare Networks develop an interactive mobile sales and marketing tool

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Compare Networks, Inc. (CN) has engaged Calcey Technologies to help them develop an interactive mobile sales and marketing tool, which they are deploying to blue-chip enterprises across the US that have a large, mobile sales force in operation.

The core concept of the base product is fairly simple. It has a web-based content management portal for product managers to upload and organize their multimedia promotional content. This content is then synced with the iPads of the field sales staff, who show the material to potential clients. The actual finished product has many nifty features to address the needs of the domain, such as the ability to deliver HTML5 apps as a content type that could be distributed to the sales staff.

CompareNetworks’ Product Director Jason Roy visited our development centre in Colombo in late January, to monitor a release for an important fortune 500 clients. We spent many hours with Jason resolving last-minute technical issues, and thereafter took some time out to discuss the base product’s roadmap for the rest of the year.

Left to Right: Jason Roy, Chamindu Munasinghe, Asela Indika, Mangala Karunaratne
The product release to CN’s first enterprise client Shofu was a big success. Shofu’s representative had this to say in their first official communication about the app’s rollout: “The app was a huge hit…the demo [to our sales staff] went perfectly and the response could not have been better!”

Jason also spent time discussing the strategic aspect of the partnership between Calcey and CN with our CEO Mangala Karunaratne. We are CompareNetworks’ principal software development partner, enjoying a seven-year relationship with CN for executing a multitude of engineering projects.

Jason is an experienced User Interface/User Interaction Developer and a dynamic Product Director, with unique abilities in both engineering and management. We benefited immensely from his visit, and our team is excited about helping with the development of the new roadmap features. The technologies involved are principally iOS/Objective-C and the .NET Framework.