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APIIT Alumni flourishes at Calcey

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As an agile software development company in Sri Lanka, Calcey practices Silicon Valley’s work ethos.  While trained to handle real time software development challenges, faced by some of the most celebrated Fortune 500 companies in the United States, Calcey staff is always deeply grounded in reality. Fun, forthrightness and fellowship are words Calcey recruits learn to live and breathe by.

Finding this balance of a sound work ethic embodied in a fun loving personality is a tough ask. Routine headhunting is usually not that successful at finding the most able candidates. Therefore recruitment is something which Calcey devotes a lot of time to, as a core business function.

Calcey has been steadily hiring fresh graduates from leading state and private universities in the country, to fulfill roles in software engineering, project management and quality assurance. These fresh graduates are subject to a rigorous evaluation process, inclusive of a one and a half hour viva and a six-month training period, during which the candidate’s competencies and attitudes are challenged.

The Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT), who award degrees in Software Engineering from Staffordshire University UK, has been a steady source of engineering talent for Calcey, for the past five years.

APIIT’s unique attraction is the well-rounded higher education they provide their students. Graduates from APIIT are not merely talented in software engineering principles and practices; they also display an exemplary, caring attitude at work. Calcey is proud to have had many professional success stories behind which stand an APIIT alumni. APIIT graduates have proved to be role models to the industry, agnostic towards technology and strong on first principles and research.

I asked Pramuditha Indunil, who serves as a Senior Software Engineer, to reflect on his Calcey Experience.

I joined Calcey two years back, straight out of APIIT campus. I had a degree in Computer Science fresh under my belt, and wanted a cool place to begin my career – a place where I’d feel challenged, and yet have the freedom to research and learn on my own. Looking back, I think Calcey did right by me”, said Pramuditha.

There are around twenty graduates from APIIT working at Calcey presently.

We had the good fortune to catch up with Dr. Dhananjay Kulkarni, who heads APIIT’s School of Computing. He visited our development center situated in “Trace Expert City” Maradana, and made these generous observations.

“Calcey is one of the leading software product engineering firms based in Colombo that has had a long-standing relationship with APIIT. Calcey has been able to attract some of the best of our students and develop them into good IT professionals, especially in the roles of software engineer, quality assurance expert and project manager. The friendly atmosphere, the open culture, and the team spirit at Calcey have helped APIIT graduates to unlock their potential and give their best to the company. I am happy to see so many APIIT graduates who are developing their careers at Calcey. I wish Calcey all the best in the years ahead!”

We at Calcey are proud of this association with APIIT, and look to continue our partnership in human capital generation for many years to come.