Westfield Malls is a global chain specializing in retail center development, ownership, operation and management. It owns and operates malls across Australia, United States, United Kingdom and Ireland. Westfield Innovation Labs is a strategic business unit within the group with a mandate to build products to engage and enhance the experience of shoppers at its malls, to create cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.


Westfield Innovation Labs engaged Calcey’s boutique product engineering services to develop multiple digital products. The projects ranged from developing MVPs of new ideas it wanted to pilot inside its premises – such as a mobile app for shoppers to pre-order food before they went to the food court – to products directly addressing well defined needs that it needed to bring to market quickly – such as a Wi-Fi portal to manage Wi-Fi networks across multiple malls.

Test automation

With a plethora of web properties for its chain of malls around the world, Westfield required a solution scale down the time and effort required to test websites after new updates. Many such web sites served information regarding retail promotions and were updated frequently. Calcey’s testing team were engaged to find a solution. They worked in close collaboration with Westfield’s internal team for over 2 years, carrying out test automation project to reduce the workload for manual regression testing to a minimum.