The internet of things has made almost all aspects of life measurable. Fitness trackers and wearables that measure heart rate, activity, stress levels etc. are proving to be a hot market. Calcey saw this emerging trend and decided to dive in with an R&D project to capitalize on an opportunity. We’ve found a common problem among office workers that we could fix with a simple solution. We’ve observed that bad sitting was almost the norm, despite warning by medical experts of its ill effects. We saw that most office chairs met acceptable ergonomic standards, but that employees often forget to maintain good posture when they are engrossed with work – resorting to slouching, hunching etc.

Our creative solution

Rather than replacing existing office chairs completely – which would be prohibitively expensive – we sought a method to turn regular chairs into smart chairs. Thus, BackGuru the smart seat cover that monitors users’ posture and alerts of mistakes real time, was born. The product combines a smart seat cover with embedded sensors that monitor the user’s sitting posture. This data is synced with a cloud based API and a connected smartphone app – that offers visualizations for easy analysis and recommendations for improvement.

Building a world-class IoT product

The Calcey team developed both hardware and software, using our own team members as alpha testers. Calcey’s UI team crafted a simple, intuitive user interface that can be instantly understood by a wide range of users. The hardware team developed a prototype that detects bad posture with a higher level of accuracy than any current solutions available in the market. By coupling Calcey’s traditionally strong software skills with newly acquired hardware know-how, we’ve been able to develop a product that can identify and instantly notify the user of 37 different postural mistakes, within a short span of 3 months. The product is currently patent pending and the Calcey team is working on adding final touches, before the product is launched!