Nutrifix is mobile app startup in London, connecting users with healthy meal options based on their nutritional needs and fitness goals. The app profiles users according to their overall needs to lose weight, gain muscle etc. and calculates the optimal mix of nutrients necessary to reach this goal. The app indexes meal option nearby ranging from dine-in to take away options and recipes for cooking at home. It recommends users nearby restaurants and particular menu items that suits them or nearby shops where they can get the ingredients to cook the recipes recommend by the app.


The founder had been trying to get the MVP developed and released to validate the idea for some time with a freelance developer with little success. Being a non-technical founder he could not pin-point what was going wrong, but felt frustrated by the slow progress. He was then introduced to Calcey and initially chose to develop Nutrifix’s public facing website with Calcey as a pilot project. Impressed with the level of delivery, he decided to cut over mobile app development to Calcey as well, taking on a dedicated virtual team working on a retainer basis for Nutrifix.

Calcey’s team had to take over development from the previous developer, conduct a code audit to identify the bugs, carry out the fixes, stabilize the code base and provide a MVP release within a short period of time.


Calcey team met the initial technical challenges presented by the existing codebase and provided a MVP release quickly, enabling Nutrifix to validate their thesis and demonstrate traction with early adopters. Nutrifix was subsequently accepted into the prestigious Just Eat startup accelerator program and recently raised a successful round of investment via the crowdfunding site Crowdcube. Calcey supported Nurtifix through this period of fast evolution and continues to work closely with the Nutrifix team to make healthy eating easier for everyone.