Business challenge

There are many medical equipment manufacturing, life science and dental companies globally with large, distributed sales forces. These companies are in dire need of a mechanism to distribute the latest product information/marketing material/demos among their sales force in a time efficient manner. The information distributed to the sales reps needs to be up to date, and these companies are looking to improve the awareness across the organization.

They need to control the distribution of the materials at product-line, region and business unit level. The sales staff – may require the capability to use the material for their own knowledge and to share it with prospective clients. Also, these companies want to track how the materials were used and if it was shared with specific clients. After considering the above-mentioned business needs, CompareNetworks decided to conceptualize, design and develop an iPad application. Calcey was commissioned to provide technical and design assistance to develop the product.


Calcey participated in the initial product design sessions and assisted CompareNetworks to conceptualize the User Experience of the sales & marketing collateral distribution solution, taking into consideration industry standard usability and security measures, version support, maintainability and other engineering details.

The solution


imSMART is used by over 30 multi national companies today including global giants such as Shofu, Lumenis, Agilent Technologies and Zimmer Dental. Android and Windows versions have since been created to cater to a wider range of devices. In total more than 70,000 sales reps actively use imSMART to manage their customer presentations.

imSMART has been integrated with numerous CRMs including Salesforce allowing data captured via the app to be synced with the company CRM seamlessly. One of imSMART’s key features is that the app acts as container for HTML apps, allowing for custom HTML apps to be developed and deployed quickly within imSMART app. The demand for such apps is growing steadily and Calcey has built HTML apps ranging from ROI calculators to interactive presentations, to power marketing activities of the app’s users.

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