Scratching our own itch

Calcey’s management requires a single dashboard view of the company’s key metrics such as sales leads, projects delivered and outstanding invoices. Traditionally this data would be stored in different disconnected systems; often a CRM, accounting, invoicing, and project management software. Calcey’s team built a solution combining all these functions into one to provide a seamless view of the company’s performance across different areas.

Productizing our solution

The internal users quickly realized the power of this simple tool that offers a holistic view of the company in one dashboard and we decided to offer it as a product. A few tweaks (to turn it into SaaS solution capable of servicing multiple tenants) later, was born!

Marketed as agency workflow management software, has enjoyed quick traction since launch attracting users from the US, UK, Europe and Asia. Ideally suited for small to medium scale agencies, is available at $ 9.99/month for the whole organization!

Building our own marketing tools

On-boarding customers is a core challenge for any SaaS business and this was true for as well. We embedded a series of explainer videos, set to pop-up automatically just before a user interacts with that particular module for the first time. We also built own affiliate marketing mechanism, which helps to track new users referred by affiliates and manage commission payment to affiliates accordingly.