Proximity marketing has generated increased interest worldwide in recent times. With third parties such as Google Maps providing reliable location data via APIs and technologies such as geo-fencing and iBeacons gaining traction Calcey saw an emerging opportunity in the space. We then decided to undertake an R&D project to gain first- hand experience with the tools involved, building an platform and an API for location based customer engagement apps, named Shopmagik.

The product

Shopmagik API offers backend modules required for any location based customer engagement app offering administration capabilities to manage deals/promotions and users and send targeted push notifications etc. The platform is integrated with geo-fencing, iBeacon, and RFID technologies allowing admins to create location specific messages that are triggered when the user is in a particular location (inside a geo-fenced area) or near a particular iBeacon (used for closer proximity interactions such as messages related to the specific department of the store the user is browsing). Shopmagik platform also offers template based iOS and Android apps which can be white labeled with the client’s branding when we undertake an implementation.


Calcey’s team did extensive research into optimally capture users last detected location. Displaying the map view in a user friendly format with seamless zooming and capturing data from a map view into a list view for easier reference was also covered using Google Maps. Calcey’s team did extensive testing on a range of devices and operating systems to reduce battery consumption on the smartphone as the app required both location services and Bluetooth to be turned on, resulting in heavy battery usage. Low energy Bluetooth transmitters were used for the project and team tested various configurations to arrive at the optimal settings for the transmitter.


  • Greet customers with a customized message as they walk in
  • Shopmagik differentiates returning customers from new ones. Custom promotions can be configured to offer discounts to returning customers based on their purchasing profile
  • Target consumers at the most appropriate moments as they browse your store. iBeacons based real time promotions can be used to target them with offers specific to the department of the store or even the shelf they are browsing, maximizing chances of conversion
  • Alert customers of offers when they are nearby or passing by your store(s)