Good Market is a curated marketplace for organic products and socially responsible small businesses. By curating and aggregating such vendors they were essentially creating a two sided marketplace. One that provides visibility and credibility to small businesses that cannot afford costly sustainability certification while introducing them to socially conscious consumers, who have trouble finding suppliers who match their values. Having pioneered their unique idea successfully via some weekend flea markets in Sri Lanka, they were looking scale their business model globally by going digital. Their vision was to create a platform that would take the key aspects of their business model – curation, discovery and match making – online, while leveraging the power of crowdsourcing to scale globally.

Defining the product

Calcey was chosen as the technology partner for the project and the Calcey team worked closely with Good Market to understand their business model and the stakeholders involved. The Calcey team assisted the client to envision how technology can be applied to digitize and improve their business and helped to transform that vision into functionality and features – to create a roadmap for the proposed product. The roadmap was phased out into multiple sprints to allow time for testing with potential end users and incorporate their feedback.

Agile development

Calcey has allocated a dedicated team to work on the project who develop, test and deliver each sprint. Each release is tested with potential end users to understand usability issues and concerns. The Calcey team have been directly involved in end user testing sessions to understand the product in action. The final product is expected to be launched during the first few months of 2017. Follow Calcey’s blog for more updates.