HOYA ConBio®, a global leader in aesthetic and dental lasers, has a rich legacy of science based research and clinical innovation in the design and manufacture of advanced laser solutions that offer superior performance, reliability and versatility for aesthetic and dental practices worldwide. HOYA ConBio revolutionized aesthetic laser therapy with the introduction of Q-switched Nd:YAG technology in 1992 in the MedLite laser, and today the company’s aesthetic lasers are regarded as industry gold standards.

Business challenge

The original website was built on top of a closed proprietary Content Management System (CMS), requiring Hoya ConBio to work with the vendor for even the smallest updates. Minor changes would take at least two weeks to implement. More so, updates generally required rework due to regular inaccuracies. The inability to process updates to the site in a timely fashion proved unsustainable, and cost Hoya ConBio a significant amount of money because of the complexity involved in updating the site with the proprietary, closed CMS.


Through a detailed planning, design and development process, Calcey quickly developed and delivered both consumer and physician-oriented websites that have earned rave reviews from all stakeholders, customers and partners. Using an open-source platform, the Calcey Web Solutions team delivered a highly effective web CMS solution featuring new streamlined information architecture, and a content management strategy following a detailed analysis of Hoya ConBio’s business needs.

The Calcey Web Solutions team decided to use the most widely used open-source web CMS at the time, used by organizations such as Qantas Airline Group, Apple, United Nations and McDonald’s. Calcey was able to create a customized version of this CMS, which enables internal staff to easily manage events, webinars and news quickly effectively and dynamically.

Benefits gained

With the migration to the new Web platform, Hoya ConBio business units are now in control of their own Web content, and Calcey-trained CMS ‘experts’ within the company can readily update and change a web site without the previous two-week turnaround time. The Calcey solution is also Search Engine Optimized (SEO), allowing search engines to index pages effectively. In addition, the ability to maintain fresh content ensures that the site is living and active, which means higher rankings due to search engines placing more emphasis to the fresh content.

Now, for Hoya ConBio, managing Web content such as pages, posts, images, videos, PDFs and text is simple. The company has incorporated an effective workflow, enabling the collaborative efforts of Hoya ConBio staff in creating, editing and approving content before it gets published. This has led not only to a more timely dissemination of information to its customers, but also significant cost savings now that Hoya ConBio is no longer required to rely on an outside vendor to make regular website updates.