CompareNetworks, Inc. is a leading global media company for the life science and healthcare industries headquartered in South San Francisco, California. Through their comprehensive product directories and targeted editorial and video content, the company also helps marketers reach decision makers and generates highly qualified leads in these specialized fields. Selling these leads to equipment makers is one of the major revenue streams for CompareNetworks.

Business challenge

Prior to working with Calcey, each vertical within CompareNetworks ‒ Biocompare, Dentalcompare, Labcompare, OphthalmologyWeb , American Laboratory and CNPG  ‒ had its own version of a lead-deployment tool with very limited capabilities. Companyʼs one of the main objectives was to design a comprehensive lead management system to effectively generate leads and distribute them to vendors.

The existing lead deployment tool did not allow vendors to customize the Excel (or XML) -based lead reports or their lead distribution schedule, which resulted in a delay in end-user contact. In addition, only one of the verticals, Biocompare, could distribute leads on a country-specific basis. This functionality has since been added to the remaining verticals.


Effective communication channels were established between the client’s team in the US and Calcey’s dedicated development team, functioning as a virtual extended team from Calcey’s delivery center in Sri Lanka. An agile approach was adopted to product development allowing for gradual, iterative evolution of end-user requirements.


With the new Lead Deployment system designed by Calcey, Compare Networks is now able to:

  • View leads in a customizable and user-friendly way
  • Automatically validate leads against excluded users, invalid phone numbers and email addresses
  • Create country, region and state-specific lead reports for each vendor
  • Choose between XML, Excel, pdf, and text, for the lead report format
  • Define templates with static, custom, database, computed columns
  • Effectively view, scrub, redeploy, and delete leads generated from each vertical
  • Generate companywide internal reports for lead management, administration and invoicing
  • Extend this system at a future time to track the conversion of leads into actual sales.

Calcey’s solution today powers more than 40 websites listing products for the healthcare and life sciences industries.

Due to the nature of our business, it is absolutely necessary that we utilize the most effective, efficient and comprehensive information aggregation tools and technologies for our websites. Over the past five years, Calcey’s solutions have provided us with just that, allowing us to leverage ubiquitous Internet technologies and comprehensive content repositories into content rich and segment specific marketplaces for our professional B2B users.

Paul Gatti,
Co-Founder & CEO

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