Bizinsure is an online insurance provider catering to independent professionals and small to midsize businesses that require professional liability insurance. It required a simple, transparent and cost effective method for potential buyers to obtain insurance quotes, make comparisons and purchase insurance online.


Calcey was selected for the task and created a custom web portal with a simple, intuitive user experience for potential insurance buyers. The solution offers different categories of products ranging from professional liability insurance to business owners policies. Users’ can browse to quickly find what’s relevant to them. Upon completing a simple application form (usually 10 questions or less) they can obtain multiple quotes for the same product from leading insurers curated by Bizinsure. Once they made a selection the policy can be purchased via the web portal as well, with an annual, quarterly or monthly payment plan of their choice. The site also features a simple knowledge base for small businesses looking to purchase insurance as well as on-site chat for personalized support.


Bizinsure now has customers from all states in the US. The combination of simplicity, transparency and price comparison features have proved to be winning formula making it one of the leading online insurers within 5 short years of its launch in 2012.