Business challenge

Bitcasa a pioneering cloud storage provider, faced slow uptake for its flagship product – CloudFS. Lack of sample apps and documentation were identified as the main reasons holding back potential users and Calcey was called in to help.


The Calcey team created a new SDK for Java within a month of signing up for the task. The speedy yet meticulous delivery was very well received by Bitcasa and their clients. Thereafter, Calcey went about updating the SDKs for Android, iOS, PHP and Ruby on Rails. For each of these platforms Calcey delivered the SDKs, unit tests, Quality Assurance, API docs and a detailed documentation explaining the functionality of each method within the Bitcasa API.

User experience improvement

Calcey also integrated Bitcasa’s four disparate Websites (Corporate, Developer, Press and Blog) into a Wordpress multisite hosted in one single location, made accessible via a unified WP Administration Dashboard. Usability improvements were made to the Website as part of this exercise, making navigation easy for client developers. This layout enabled Bitcasa to showcase separate code examples for multiple languages (such as Curl, iOS, Android). The Calcey team also introduced a new template for the REST API Documentation within the Developer site with three-column layout.